Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 25 - Lean mean balance machine.

As one of the world's clumsiest people, I feel like Barre3 has become my saving grace... literally. I blogged almost 2 weeks ago about doing the 30 minute Lean with Sadie and falling down about 50 times. I vowed to do it again the next Saturday... at which point I totally chickened out. Well, today I did it. I didn't fall once. I did 90% of the postures at full expression. I did modify the side planks to my knees, but the fact that I did it at all is nothing short of a miracle. I'm just feeling so much more balanced in general. Yesterday I tripped over my own toe while holding a full cup of scalding hot tea. Typically, I would have ended up on the floor with some bruises and 2nd degree burns. Instead, I leapt gracefully on to the other foot like a friggin puma - not a drop spilled. I may consider becoming a part-time ninja if this keeps up.

My core is getting strong. It's so cool. I have a pretty severe abdominal separation after carrying the twins. Because I was "obese" when I got pregnant... and of course after the birth, my doctor had me shy away from the traditional physical therapy for fear that the extra weight on those muscles might actually make it worse causing a hernia. Now that I've slimmed down a bit, it feels good to work those muscles. I can see a 2 pack forming. I can't feel the separation at all now. I imagine I'm well on the way to recovery thanks to Barre3.

So, if you're doing the challenge with me, you have just a few more days to go. I'm going through to the 9th (33 to Grammy), but then I'm getting right back on the wagon when I get back from LA. I'm totally bought in to this and am excited to see where I end up after 90 days. I've had a handful of friends do P90X and come out with great results and new habits. Those workouts aren't for me though... So I'll call this B-90-3 :)

After the boys were born, I set a goal to lose 82 pounds. Not just to be thinner, but to build healthy habits and an active lifestyle so I could be a good example for the boys... and a fun mom! I want to take them snowboarding, hiking, swimming, on roller coasters (which at my biggest I could barely fit on).  I wanted to do it in two years. I have 26.5 lbs to go and until the end of April before I'm at the 2 year mark. 36.5 would be even better... but I'm not going to go nuts here. Less focus on the scale, more focus on how I look and feel from here on out.

Tonight we're going to see Muse. I can't wait! I had yogurt with walnuts and berries for breakfast and will make a chicken salad for lunch. Sweet potatoes and the rest of the leftover chicken for dinner with some cucumber or something on the side. No grains!

Are you feeling more balanced? I'd love to hear how it's going!


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