Monday, April 1, 2013

Back on the wagon.

28 to great was awesome. I had great results, but more than anything, I just felt really good. Like all my cylinders were firing, you know? I was proud of myself for sticking with it.

So then life kind of happened. I went to LA, came home, bought a house, lost the loan, got a new loan, took a couple of business trips, threw a birthday party for the twins, went to see my lovely Grandmother for a long weekend... and that was just March! So in a nutshell, however valid... I had a month of great excuses why not to take care of myself. I always say - well, not always, just ever since being pregnant with twins - but since then I always say that I can handle anything with an end date. Maybe that's the problem. The 28 to great challenge had an end date. So, I ended it... Then spent 40 days undoing a good part of the work I'd done. Let's call it 40 to flab, shall we? I have only gained a couple of pounds... and I don't see it. It's more about the way I feel. Not sleeping as well, skin is blotchy again... and I feel a little bit ashamed of myself. It's like now that I know that I'm capable of being really healthy, choosing not to feels more deliberate and destructive. I'm a little embarrassed to have sort of relapsed. Especially because Barre3 is so excuse-proof.

So, I'm back on the wagon. I've been doing some 10 minute workouts this past few days and it hurts. I feel like I'm starting all over again. Today I did the new Standing Slim II. It also hurt, but I got to feel that sense of pride afterward. I am going to focus on that feeling. It's my favorite.

Plus I read some quote the other day that went something like:

Food is the most over-utilized anti-anxiety tool in America. Exercise is the most underutilized.

Something like that. I need a little help in the endorphin department, so I'm holding on to that too.

So, I'm not doing 28 to great. I'm not putting an end date on it or a special meal plan with special recipes. Just going to be smart about what I eat and do at least 10 minutes of Barre3 6 days a week.

We can talk about it here. You in?