Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 26 - Let's talk results.

We have just a couple more days to go before the challenge ends officially. I am committing to 90 days though... with the exception of Grammy weekend! I want to keep it going. I'm feeling great and am not ready to see it end. Anyway, Sadie put an email out asking about results, so I whipped out the tape measure today and here are the findings:

By week 2, I started seeing some pretty phenomenal changes in my body. The first big one was the complete disappearance of my triple chin. In the next two weeks I started seeing long lean muscles appear. My waist was shrinking and I was feeling stronger and more balanced. My abdominal separation now feels almost completely healed. I feel more steady on my feet and have all the stamina I need to wrangle my now toddling twins. Also, my tush lifted from sort of flat and sad to perky. My husband is pleased :)

Now lets talk numbers. During this challenge, I have lost: 

13 lbs. 
1 inch around each arm (and have lost cellulite!)
4 inches around my waist 
3 inches around my hips
2 inches around each thigh
2 chins

So, I'm 25 pounds or so away from my end goal. That feels achievable. Slow and steady... 

How about you? 

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