Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 10 - The drought days.

It's day 10! Can you believe it!? We're over 1/3 of the way there and I'm through the worst of the cravings. I have heard all the nutrition gurus say things like "Your body only craves what you give it..." and the like, but those skinny jerks don't have to live through the 9 days BEFORE you get all that garbage out of your system. You know, before the point when your body starts to give up and let go of the dream of fast food tacos and butterscotch chip cookies. It's these past nine days that I need to remember when this challenge is over if I am tempted to revert back to my chubby-girl ways. No sugary treat is worth repeating the drought days.

Last night my Clemen-tiny chicken came out great. I bet it would be better with lemon, so will try that next time. We did dinner with steamed zucchini and broccoli.

This morning I had the Morning Muesli again and it hit the spot. I made another small batch of the little dark chocolate clusters to keep on hand (now a hit with my husband too!) but added dried cranberries to the cashews and golden raisins, then topped off the chocolate with a pinch of sea salt. I haven't been craving sweets the last day or two, but I still think it's better to have a safe fall back if I do. They sure come out pretty :)

For my workout today, I did Ballet Fit with Candace (swapped Monday and today). I really gave it my all today doing the full expressions of almost everything. Even when I got to that core move where you're on your back, hips up, squeezing the ball for what feels like forever... yeah. I did that. I may have let an F bomb or two slip... and I may have been making an awful face... kind of like the faces my kids made when they saw Santa this year: 

THAT is why I prefer to do my workouts in the privacy of my own home. My legs are really feeling it this afternoon. Now that I'm getting the hang of the method and feeling more balanced, my goal this week is to do each workout to the fullest. No modifiers! We'll see how many times I fall :) 

For lunch, I'm having this: 

Avo-eggs which have become my go-to when I'm short on time, some peas, and the rest of the twins' apple from lunch. That and a 20oz water. Dinner will be easy. I'm building a DIY salad using the leftover chicken from last night. 

I hope you are feeling strong and optimistic on this 10th day! 


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