Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 23 - Upper Dorsimus (UFMs)

Ok, before I get started, let me tell you about the movie snacks I indulged in last night. I gotta come clean. Not only did I have a handful of skittles (Skittles are a "whole food" right? They fall out of the rainbow that way!) and a kid's sized popcorn (no butter!), but it was pre-meditated. Sadie. I'm sorry. We didn't end up making it to the movies over the weekend, so we went to a late showing of Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters last night. TOTAL crap movie, but I was thoroughly entertained. I'm not recommending that you see it, but if you do... go 3D.

Anyway... knowing we were headed to the theater, I had just yogurt for dinner. Then movie snacks... but instead of a big fizzy soda, I got a chamomile tea to go with my bag o' sin. I felt like Sadie and I found a middle ground and compromised. So, as per usual, I'm making myself pay today. I'm doing a triple whammy. Ballet Sculpt with Candace was this morning. Next up, I'm going to hop on the TreadClimber for a bit. Then this evening, I'll do the NYC workout with miss Sadie. That should do it.

This morning I got dressed and was putting some lavender lotion on my arms when I noticed a new muscle. A muscle I don't know the name of and have never seen on my body. Unidentified fabulous muscle? UFM? It's right above my elbow. As I was admiring my new muscles from all directions in the mirror, I thought of Ron Burgundy and got a pretty severe case of the giggles.

"You've got your ubulus muscle which connects to the upper dorsimus, its boring, but its my life." - Ron Burgundy

I giggled all the way to the Chiropractor's office on my lunch break and then proudly showed him my fabulous upper dorsimus. He was a competitive body builder, so quickly took away my fun by informing me that the muscle is just the triceps. So yeah. I'm not the brightest star in the sky I guess. 

If you haven't seen Anchorman, your homework is to rent it and watch it immediately. 

For lunch today, Nanny brought me some fresh-caught crab meat. I had that with a salad. Yum! For dinner, I'm making the Easy Red Bean and Quinoa Chili. I accidentally bought an extra container of pre-diced Mirepoix at Trader Joes, so my version will have celery and carrots too :) 

Happy Tuesday! 


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