Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 22 - Wedding Belles

Rehearsal was a blast last night. We hadn't played music together since before the new year, so we were all excited to dive back in. We have a show Feb 22nd for all you Portland area peeps. Details here.

My sweet cousin Danielle is engaged! She told me all about it yesterday as I listened tearily in the parking lot of the Children's Museum. He really pulled out all the stops to pop the question in a meaningful way. I couldn't be happier for them!

So, naturally, last night I had wedding dreams. The only thing that is really sad about being so happily married is that it's very unlikely that I'll ever get to have another wedding. I loved my wedding. I told my husband that I want to do a vow renewal ceremony at some point so the twins can be involved... but that's not the same. So, this morning I was looking at some pictures from our wedding and all I can think is how big I was! I guess it didn't seem like it at the time. Now that I'm 27 lbs away from my goal... it seems a lot more achievable than being 90 lbs away.

I love this picture though. We had just been pronounced man and wife. One for the highlight reel.

Slowly but surely, I'm getting there. When I get there, I'll be staying there thank you very much. My awesome husband loves me at any size and shape, but I am happiest in my own skin when I'm fit and healthy... like in this vintage pic of us I cirque 1996... 

PS: Overalls were awesome in the 90s. Don't judge me. 

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Time for more celebrating! My dear friend So-Mai gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Winter David Quickel today. I would post a picture, but that is an honor reserved for the new parents. Take my word for it though, he's perfection. Congrats Quickels! I would say let's pop a cork or eat a cake... but that's not happening. Time to figure out a calorie-free way to celebrate things! 

Now we're in week 4 of the challenge. There is no turning back! This morning, I had my new staple - Muesli. So good. Then I did the Twist work out with Jenni. This afternoon, I'll spend a bonus ten minutes with Regan for the Ski Conditioning workout. My tush hurt for two days after the last time! 

For lunch I'm making eggs and avocado. Big salad for dinner. 

I feel a cold coming on, so fighting it with copious amounts of water and emergenC. 

We got this! 



  1. When my cold last week was coming on, a friend told me to go get the spray bottle of Cold Ease. I slowly made my less than peppy way to Walgreens and picked it up. Dosed properly for 2 days. It worked WONDERS. So scoot to the store and get some. I'm telling you. WONDERS.