Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 13 - About face.

Today my super sweet hubby let me sleep in a little bit. That was nice. Then I got up, shoveled down some Muesli and cleaned the house. I hit 1400 Nike Fuel points by noon which bodes well for the daily total. When the boys went down for their nap, I decided to try a new workout and did the 30 minute Lean with Sadie. In a word, it was hard. All the workouts are deep, but some of the moves in this one were just logistically tough for me. Side plank = me falling repeatedly and swearing. I just felt a little less than coordinated today. I vow to try it again next Saturday after I've had another week of training my muscles. Still though, I worked up a sweat.

Now that we're two weeks through, I'm starting to see subtle changes. This picture was taken of me right after Christmas. Note the third chin that extends all the way up the side of my head. What is that though? Is there even a name for it? It may have eaten my neck.

After my shower today, I took a selfie just to compare. I tried to duplicate the smile and capture the least flattering angle possible aiming up at my face... 

Not only is the third chin MIA, I can hardly see the second chin. I should have taken a "before" weight of my head. :)

I still have a long way to go, but this is great motivation for me to keep at it. I hope it is for you also!

Tonight I'm grilling up some super lean beef. I'll top it with avocado and have a big salad. I haven't had lunch today... forgot to schedule that in. I'll grab a Lara bar on my way to the park with my boys!


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