Friday, January 11, 2013

Night 4, Day 5. (Whining about wine)

So, Sadie might be a wizard. After my 60 minute workout yesterday, my soreness subsided almost completely. I think that workout has healing powers. 

By dinner time, I was ravenous. I was afraid to walk into the kitchen for fear I'd eat everything in sight. Luckily, my youngest son (by 2 minutes) decided to help out by having an extreme blowout in his diaper. 1,000 wipes later, I wasn't hungry at all. 

So, I made this: 

A grilled salmon patty, some greens, 1/2 a sweet potato, and my share of the cucumber that I split with the twins. It doesn't look like much, but I actually got FULL. Truly full. It's amazing how quickly my stomach's capacity has diminished. That's half the battle for me. Whew! 

After dinner, we had friends over and opened a bottle of wine. That was hard. I love wine and I didn't want it to think that I was mad at it. That would be alcohol abuse, right? Emotional abuse. My husband brought me a big wine glass with sparking water and a slice of a clementine in it. It worked. Don't worry though. Later on, I pulled the bottle of wine aside and apologized. I let it know I'd be back soon but that I needed my space. We're on a break. It's not a break-up. 

After everyone left and the boys went to bed, I still had 350 more Fuel points to earn on my Nike Fuelband before the day ended. I busted out some sweet dance moves in the living room for about 10 minutes while my husband watched highlights from the Blazer game. 
Day 3 of hitting my goal in a row and I got to see this little guy's moves: 

To my delight, my husband didn't mock me. He told me that I've inspired him to work on his own personal wellness goals. Bonus. 

I had 4 20 oz waters yesterday as well. That is a personal best and really plenty. Yesterday was also the first day I didn't have coffee. 2 green teas and a headache, but not a major one. 

Today is day 5. The twins had their very first day of "school". They are 21 months old, so school is a 45 minute Music Together class. I woke up at 3 am with a sore throat, so I stayed in bed until the last minute rather than getting up early to workout. We scrambled to get out the door on time this morning, but I shoveled down the yogurt with blueberries and walnuts recipe from the Barre3 blog. Really good and fast! 

Music class was fun. My little monsters were the only kiddos running around like crazy people. The rest of the kids sat with their parents and stayed relatively engaged. Regardless, my boys enjoyed themselves and provided comic relief for the other moms and their demure tots. I came home a little stressed and running late for a conference call. (Yes - I have a day job) Though I would have rather had a vodka, I made myself a weak cup of black coffee. Maybe tomorrow I won't have coffee. Baby steps. 

My throat still hurts, but I'm planning to ignore it. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. I'm in a good mood though. All these extra endorphins are really helping. 

Squeezing in a 40 minute Ballet Fit with Candace before my afternoon meeting. Wish me luck! Wishing YOU luck today too! We got this! 


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