Saturday, January 12, 2013

Night 5, Day 6 (pushing through the plague)

Dear Candace,


My body

Ok, seriously, I am sure that Candace is a lovely human being but holy cheese and crackers that Ballet Fit workout hurt. I was "quaking" like there was no tomorrow when she said nonchalantly "Just forty more seconds." I replied "F$**!". Then after 40 seconds, did we get to curl into the fetal position with a blankie and a story for naptime? No. "Now pulse." I stuck it out, but let me tell you - it wasn't pretty. Her version of rolling back on to the mat gracefully for core work like she's made of water equated to me tripping over a weight and tumbling on to my tush. Still though, I stuck with her for every count. I know she is just giving me tough love and someday I'll thank her... yada yada.

By last night, my sore throat had gone from bad to worse. I had no appetite and it hurt to swallow. I had celery sticks and hummus for dinner.

This morning I woke up sick as a dog. I got out of bed long enough to make myself some eggs and avocado and then tucked right back in. My husband took one look at me and just got the kids up and took care of everything. Super Dad.

Whereas I wouldn't dream of going for a jog or hitting the gym in this condition, I was actually craving the Barre3 workout today. It's day 6 which means I could choose any of the workouts online. I had decided I'd do the Standing Slim with Sadie because I really enjoyed that last week. My inner child is a teacher's pet though and tends to get her way. When I got to the computer to press play, I decided to go back to Ballet Boot Camp. I felt so clumsy in Ballet Fit yesterday that I wanted to make it up to Candace. Though I followed Stephanie through a handful of the modified postures, I definitely had a little more grace today. Do I get a gold star? Extra credit?

Now I'm going to hit the shower and go back to bed to nap while my monsters do. Tomorrow is a day of rest and I intend to use it! I just cancelled band rehearsal so I can truly just recover. Need some new tunes to listen to on your day off?


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