Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 15 - Paying penance.

It's day 15 and I'm making it count.

I have a confession to make.

Last night... I had 8 french fries. Not teeny ones... Red Robin fries. Also, I stole them from my kids. OMG were they ever delicious. So good going down... but then the dread came-a-calling. A wave of guilt washed over me that my children and their children will tell stories about around the campfire many years from now. For the most part, I consider myself to be a spiritual person albeit not devoutly religious. Still though, I had dreams last night about the mighty hand of God and the thunderbolts of Zeus headed right for me for the smiting. Then Yoda was making me carry him around in a backpack while I did Sadie's famous "Power legs" posture. Seriously, stress dreams. Like all night. Damn you, french fries. Damn you.

Anyway, I had those along with a salad for lunch after a super fun outing to the Portland Children's Museum with my dudes. Here they are driving a bus:

For dinner, I made Lemony Chicken with actual lemon. It is SO good. We had it with steamed broccoli and clementines.

This morning, I think my Muesli was mocking me. 

See that smirk? Rude. 

So, knowing that Fridays are stacked for me, I've been moving the 60 minute workout to another day of the week. Still feeling guilt over the fries, I did it today. Power Sculpt with Sadie. By FAR the most challenging one yet. She means business, y'all. Get ready to be sweaty. My legs were shaking like never before. Needless to say, I'm feeling better about the whole french fry thing now. Thanks, Sadie! 

The frustrating thing? After the toughest Barre3 workout yet and a shower, I had only earned 505 Nike Fuel points. My goal for the day is 2200. 

I'm telling you. This thing is so motivating for me. I am aware of how much I'm moving (or not) throughout the day with it on. I've hit my goal the past 4 days in a row. I intend to keep that going for the rest of the challenge. Guess I'll be hitting the TreadClimber later! 

For lunch, I made a DIY salad with leftover Lemony Chicken. Delicious again. You really can't go wrong with any of the Barre3 blog recipes. Dinner tonight is veggie stir-fry! 

I hope you're enjoying your day! 


PS - Did I mention that I'm down 9 lbs now? 

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