Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 20 - A day about others.

Today has been a busy one all about taking care of everybody else. It definitely started off on the right foot. The twins slept in, which means Mommy slept in! I was running low on pretty much everything in the fridge, so I made the muesli for breakfast with a bit of whatever fruit I could scrounge up. 2 big strawberries, some pomegranate seeds, and a few frozen raspberries.

Last night, my eldest twin Easton was getting frustrated over the fact that he was bored with all of his books. He has such a love of being read to, so my heart went out to him. After breakfast, I took him on a special trip to Powell's books, just he and I. He'd never been into a book store before and was totally awestruck. As soon as we walked in he took one look around and yelled "WOW!" at top volume. I can't wait to start taking him to the library... you know, once we outgrow this whole eating books phase.

Afterwards, I put the kiddos down for nap and then ran errands to stock up the house for the week. I came home just long enough to drop off the groceries and then headed off to the Ronald McDonald House to cook dinner for some very deserving families with friends from the Junior League

We put together a taco/burrito bar with root beer floats for dessert. I wanted to eat all of it. Alas, I came home and did Sadie's NYC workout instead. Then I made dinner for the boys and had some chicken and salad. Ho hum. 

Now I'm off to take Xander with me to Target so he can have a "buh bye" like brother got. 

With all this running around today, I'm killing my Nike FuelBand goal. I think it makes up for the short workout! 

Tonight we're going to a late movie after the boys go down. Not eating movie snacks might just be the hardest part of this challenge yet! Wish me luck? 


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