Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 33 - Dress mess!

So, my dresses showed up today and SUCKED. My favorite with the meshy top fit great but was a total mess. The lining was ripped and hanging down and there was a funky repair at the top which was super noticeable. I could have cried! I called RTR and they were mortified that they sent a damaged dress and bent over backwards for me. They're overnighting 2 more styles to the B&B we're staying at, but of course there is no guarantee that I'll like either one (I let the stylist choose)... and there is a blizzard rolling in to NYC, so there is no guarantee they will show up!

So, to Nordstrom I went... in a mad dash. Thank God for Calvin Klein... and Spanx. I got this:

It still totally works with the shoes an accessories (I promise not to wear the Barre3 bracelet OR my FuelBand) and it didn't break the budget. I dropped the failed dresses off at the post office, and now I'm heading back to work!

Leeeeaaaaavin on a jet plane!

I'll blog when I get back and tell you all about it!


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