Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 30 - Soup & Fashion.

So, yesterday I threw together a really yummy soup in the crock pot. No grains, so I used chicken, celery, carrots, onions, bell pepper, and a big sweet potato. I made enough to last for a couple of days which is good because it has been a big hit around here:

Of course that took hours to cook... so for lunch I made sweet potato hashbrowns. It was just an experiment but they were delicious. Totally having them for dinner tonight with one egg + 2 egg whites. 

Still no grains this week! Now that the Grammys are less than a week away, I'm not even tempted.

Ok enough about food. Let's talk about shoes. The fabulous Regan Nelson, Barre3 instructor extraordinaire and fashion blogger (Cardigans & Couture) pointed out the fact that I talked about new shoes yet negated to share pictures. This is for you!

These are the shoes I have for the big night that I already own:

These are the new ones:

The pictures do not do them justice though. Since it's a music event, I wanted to go a little edgy, so they both have a bit of rock-n-roll to them. Since I won't get to try on the dresses until they arrive on Friday, I needed another option.  I didn't post pictures before because I was thinking that shoes had nothing to do with Barre3... but now I'm seeing my calves! Um. They did NOT look like that last time I checked. Yay for muscles! Woo hoo! 

If you're wondering about the dresses I rented, here they are: 

My favorite: 

 ...and the backup choice:
Fingers crossed that they fit! I also rented some fun accessories... some statement geometric gold dangly earrings and a gorgeous gold jeweled clutch. I can't wait to play dress-up! 

This morning I did the 30 minute Length workout with Lisa, then 15 on the TreadClimber at lunchtime. I'll do a 10 minute Ski Conditioning with Regan before I head to the financial planning training at the Junior League office tonight. My husband and I just got audited... I need to soak up some serious knowledge! 

Hope you're having a fabulous day! 


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