Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raise the roof.

What a wild week or two! Whew!

We made an offer on a house on Saturday that was accepted Sunday. If you're thinking that seems sudden, you are correct. We got a pre-approval from our lender and just thought we'd take our sweet time looking at houses and narrowing it down. Little did we know that homes in Southwest Portland are all but a myth in our price range. After seeing a lot of yucky ones, we found a great one just a couple of blocks from a fabulous elementary school. We're now in the home inspection period which is totally stressful. As per usual lately, I'm sick so have been trying to keep a handle on my stress level to give my immune system a fighting chance. Now we learn that the house needs a new roof, so we'll see what that means to us in the next couple of days. I'm crossing my fingers that the deal is a go. Time will tell!

Ain't it cute?:

After pigging out a bit during Grammy weekend and then coming home and not getting right back on the workout wagon, I was pretty sure I had backtracked. Not the case. I've been squeezing in a 10 minute Barre3 workout here and there (today I did 3 of them!) and eating well... and continuing to drop weight! I'm down another pound and a half from when the challenge ended. 22.5 more to go! I may or may not make it by the end of April, but I'll be close for sure. It just seems like my metabolism is working which is a very alien feeling for me. I like it. Seeing that I'm still moving in the right direction has re-motivated me to keep on keeping on.

I love that I can do Barre3 when I'm sick. I don't get my heart rate revving so much that I have a coughing fit.

How are you doing?


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