Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All about Grammy weekend!

What a weekend!

We got in to town on Saturday morning and went to breakfast with our friends... including mimosas. After over a month with no wine, it was a fun way to start the day. Then we headed downtown to pick up our Grammy tickets. This year, the security was super tight. We had to find this super mysterious parking garage after proving to a series of different parking security guys who we were. It felt like trying to find an underground rave in the 90s. Like, go to the 7-11 and hand the clerk a hard boiled egg. He'll give you the password... etc.  Once we got inside, there was a line guarded by some very serious security folks who said things like "NOT ANOTHER STEP!". It all felt a little over the top. There are a lot of factors... one, that the tickets have to go to the purchaser and not be resold - two, that all of Los Angeles is on high alert as the police feverishly continue the manhunt for a cop killer. With so many police around this event, I don't think they were willing to take any chances. It was a very surreal time to be in LA. If you haven't heard about the situation, here is the story.

After we picked up our tickets, we headed to the fashion district so the boys could pick up some last minute accessories for their Tuxes. Then to dinner and then out to our favorite old haunt from the years we lived in Playa del Rey for some good old fashioned dive bar shenanigans. Surrounded by dear friends and wonderful memories, it was easy to forget why we ever moved away. We made it an early(ish) night though. Eric and I had only squeezed in a few hours of sleep before our early flight and we had a big day ahead of us!

Sunday morning (Grammy day!), Jessie and I hit the road at 8 am to head to our hair and makeup appointment in Orange County. Selena Lopez at the Victor Paul salon was AMAZING to work with. She styles celebrities and made me feel like a princess. She's a miracle worker!

Here are some pics:

 The lashes were my absolute favorite. SO outrageous!

Then of course I told you all about the dress fiasco. I sent the two dresses back before I left Portland. Rent the Runway over-nighted me two more options to the B&B in LA... and I packed my backup dress. Well, the two dresses came Saturday afternoon and neither was perfect. I loved one, but it was a little too short to wear with the shoes. The other was too small, but looked fabulous on miss Jessie. I wore my off-the-rack Calvin Klein which I actually ended up loving. Tragedy averted :)

 Don't the guys clean up nice? Woo hoo! 

We made our way downtown Sunday in plenty of time for the telecast which began at 5 PST. We thought it would be funny to get a drink at Hooters on our way. Just us in our fancy pants and a bar full of frat boys. Good times.

Then we made our way over to the Staples Center:

I had the option of purchasing 2 really good tickets or 4 tickets at the very top of the room. We wanted our friends to be there with us, so we were happy to sit anywhere. Once we got seated, we realized just how far away we were. Still though, we were enjoying watching the hustle and bustle of what it takes to put on a live show of that magnitude. So, as fate would have it, our friend Josh knows a gal that knows a guy that works at the Staples Center. He sent a text that said "meet me on the main concourse at the first commercial break." I walked/jogged as fast as my 4" heels would carry me ( which wasn't too shabby thanks to Barre3!!) and was delighted to find that he had secured us seats in the premier section. We went from the nosebleeds to the golden ticket section!

From there, we could see everything! I could see all the celebs interacting... like how sweet John Mayer is to Katy Perry when no cameras are rolling... or how Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were head banging to Jack White when the rest of the front row were sitting still as statues. How Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp would stop to talk to every single fan. Ellen's awesome dance moves in the aisles... all kinds of great little moments. We could also see behind the scenes as they were setting up the next acts. I was giddy the entire time. 

Afterwards, we went out for drinks still all dressed up - and then quickly changed our minds. We headed back to the beach, changed into yoga pants and jeans and went out to sing some karaoke. 

The night will be one for the highlight reel for sure. I'll never forget it. 

Monday we went for a long walk through the marina and soaked up the sun before getting back to reality and coming home to our precious little ones. 

I ate terribly for the most part, so am looking forward to getting back to the challenge this week! Today I did just ok. Tomorrow I'll be back on track. The first day of the rest of my life, right? 


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