Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 28 - Manic Sunday

Today is the last official day of the challenge. This morning I weighed in another half a pound down and did a little happy dance. I had some yogurt with berries and walnuts and a 20oz glass of water. Then Eric and I took the twins to a bigger and better park then our little neighborhood has to offer. It's a special treat reserved for the rare days when both my husband and I have time on our hands. Anytime the twins get let loose in an open space, they take off running in complete opposite directions as fast as possible.

Exhibit A: 

After the park, we got takeout salads for lunch, put the boys down for nap, and then I ran out to the grocery store to get snacks for Super Bowl and for band practice tonight. I loaded my cart with some healthy things for my week ahead (remember, this is not my last day! 33 to Grammy!) and lots of tempting delicious evil things for everyone else. I even grabbed a couple of fancy beers for my Hubby. I was at the register checking out and chit-chatting with my favorite Trader Joe's gal.
Her: "Oh, getting some beers for the game, eh?"
Me: Oh, they aren't for me. I can't have gluten and I'm on a diet."
Her: Oh not today!" Then abandoned the register and briskly walked over to the beer aisle and came back with a sixer of GF beer.
"You'll like this." She said confidently. Who am I to argue? Besides, there's no harm in buying them, right?

Then I made a detour on the way home and bought myself a pair of super sexy heels to wear on Grammy night. I love them. OMG.

Of course then I was running late and hustled home to lay out the spread. It was healthy...ish. Rice crackers and pub cheese, potato bites, olives, chicken meat balls... cookies... caramel corn. Um. Did I mention oranges?

So, yeah. The second half of my day was a cheat day. My first cheat day of the challenge... on the last day of the challenge. I was about to say it was a celebratory cheat day... but I seriously need to stop celebrating things with food. Such a bad habit! I am calling my shoes my 28-to-Great reward and calling my afternoon a moment of weakness. 

That being said though, it SO could have been worse. The capacity of my stomach isn't big these days, so after some chips, a couple of meat balls, and a few dips of pub cheese, I was full. I opened a GF beer and drank about 1/3 of it before I saw something shiny and wandered off... it was tasty, but I was full and never came back for it. At band practice, I had a few skittles and some veggies. I didn't eat dinner... so all in all, not SUPER bad. 

Congrats to the Ravens for a great game tonight. Also, congrats to Beyonce for (barely) managing to keep her crotch in her biker dominatrix onesie. I thought it was going to be a major wardrobe malfunction that would make Janet's nip slip seem family friendly. Instead, she gyrated the lights out! Gotta give the girl credit though. She sounded great. I don't think I could hit a single note after air humping an entire stadium of people like that. She must do a lot of cardio. 

Band practice was awesome. We worked on a couple of new songs that I cannot wait to record and share with you. I am so lucky to play with such amazingly talented musicians. 

So, tomorrow, it's a grain-free day for me! 

I hope you had a great weekend! 


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