Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whatever works!

Today it was trashy TV. I'm on my period (sorry for the over-share!) and all I want to do is eat candy and lay on the couch in this precious window of time in which the twins are napping simultaneously. I have an episode of the Vampire Diaries on DVR. No, I'm not proud of my tweenage taste in TV, but I promised you honesty in this blog. Besides, don't knock it till you try it :)

Anyway, today I wouldn't let myself lay on the couch to watch my show until I did my workout. I spent a little quality time with Candace, and now I'm flat on my back with a heating pad on watching this amazing show and talking to you. Bliss!

I say, whatever works!

Another thing that works when motivation is nowhere to be found is my husband. I know that if I tell him I don't feel like working out he will call me a wuss without fail. I hate being called a wuss like Marty McFly hates being called a chicken. I press play immediately just to prove him wrong. Even though I know he's going to say it, it still works. Nowadays I'll put on workout gear and then waltz right up to him and whine "Baaaaabe, I don't wanna workout today." knowing that whatever he says next will be just the thing!

What are your tricks to get yourself moving when you're not feeling it? I'd love to hear them!

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