Friday, October 18, 2013

Gonna make you sweat!

I'd like to begin this blog post by taking a moment to share an important informational film with you.

There now. Don't you feel better? I bet you did a few involuntary dance moves too which burned like 50 extra calories at least. 

So, to the point... today I did the hot new Interval Strength online workout that everyone is buzzing about. So fun! It's super hard and made me sweat a whole bunch. Definitely not one I could do without a shower afterward. It's a good one to break up too though if you need to control the sweating thing. 

It's a great buttkicker and it goes by quickly. Lots of cardio and some fun big movements. I just wish that the background music was some sort of amazing 90s dance music (see above). 

If you haven't tried the workout yet it's 40 minutes and TOTAL body. Check it out:  You know you wanna! 

Well today is Friday and it was only my third day getting a workout in this week. I'm going to do 40 tomorrow and 60 on Sunday online, catch a class in studio on Monday (so I can put my stickers up on the board!!) and then take Tuesday off. 

How is week 1 going for you guys? 



  1. I'm at 4 in studio and 1 out so I'm on track!! I think someone should use this song in studio sometime!!!

    1. Nice!! I agree. There should just be a 90s R&B class. We could all wear leg warmers and side pony tails with scrunchies. Yesss!