Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mixing it up.

Hi y'all!

You are looking fit and wonderful today ;)

So, today was so completely productive. I woke up crazy sore. Like, almost in a bad way. I had planned a morning 40 minute online vid with Candace, but decided to wait a bit to see what my body was going to do. My Mom and Grandma are both in town this weekend, so I invited them for brunch and made a healthy egg bake with tons of veggies and canadian bacon. Then we took a walk to the park to play in the perfect weather.

Here's my Grandma. 86 years young... giggling like a school girl and playing on the swings with my boys.

I know what you're thinking and yes. I hope to heck those genes pass down to me! She looks 70. Amazing. 

Anyway, when I got back I mowed the yard. 45 minutes later I was a sweaty mess. My muscle soreness felt better so I did a 10 minute vid when my friend Sarah came for a visit. We did it together which was great. This afternoon brought with it more yard work and lots of activity. This evening, I spent some time on the TreadClimber until I was sweating buckets. I feel like that should do it for today, right? 

I figure I probably got in a good 80 minutes of exercise all in all. I'm going to count it as a sticker. Tomorrow, Candace and I are on! 

I haven't been following the meal plan but I'm going to next week for sure. I keep seeing everyone posting yummy pictures. Can't wait to try some new recipes! 

Hope you're off to a great weekend! 


PS: I'm tagging along to church in the morning with Mom and Gma and trying to find an outfit that goes with my barre3 bracelet. I feel like it's bad luck to take it off! So La Bamba. 

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  1. barre3 bracelets go with my opinion!! I also consider my DW bracelets barre3 worthy and I know you got one at the book event! Just my 2 cents!