Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thank me very much?

Hello friend!

I'm still reeling from the stress of the last couple of days. Today I had every excuse in the book all lined up of why I couldn't squeeze in a workout. I was on a conference call and just decided to click around the barre3 site to see if I saw a workout I thought I could manage in my wuss mode. I looked at the 10s and thought, well I could do one now... and then 3 more throughout the day. Knowing how unmotivated I was today though, I clicked right to the 40s. I promised myself at least 40 minutes a day 5 days a week in this challenge and dangit, I want to do it!

I looked down to inspect my outfit. Leggings and boots, dress shirt, cardi. Not workout gear. Then I saw the title of this one - "Barre3 on the Go" I hung up the phone and just hit play. I kicked off my boots and got to it.

I feel SO much better. When I don't keep my promises to myself, I feel like a loser... and then it's a downward spiral from there, right? Like, I missed my workout today so I might as well eat candy corn and try to be better tomorrow... all that. Now I feel energized and more importantly, I got a mood boost out of it. Pity party officially over.

In the last breath of the cool down, Lisa said "Thank yourself for taking this time today." It might be because I took a class with her Monday in studio, but I was pretty certain she was talking to me directly. I caught myself obediently saying "Thank me." out loud before I even processed it. I knew I needed it today... totally felt guilty for taking the time... but in truth, I really needed it. Thankful that I could be nice to myself today.

I hope you're giving yourself the time today too!


PS: Yesterday I snuck away for a few minutes to soak up a little vitamin D in the perfect fall sunshine. My talented friend Kamina Kapow caught it on camera.


  1. This is awesome!! I always try to remember how amazing I'll feel after I actually do the workout. I love that you did it in the midst of your stressful busy day, even in your work clothes. Go you! :)

    1. Whatever works, right? Thanks for the encouragement!