Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ouch... and my love/hate relationship with the scale.

Oh my gosh you guys. I was SO sore this morning. Holy canole! Seriously, I woke up at like 3 am to go to the restroom and almost couldn't get out of bed. Wild!

Loads of stretching today and a stroll with the family this evening did the trick. Check out this picture from our sunset walk:

The smoke from all the wildfires is doing craycray things to the sky. It's surreal. My heart goes out to all effected by the fires. I'm praying for a little rain to help out the fire fighters.

So - I've been using to track my progress this past week or so. It's pretty great. If you haven't tried it, check it out. It's free. You log your food and activity each day. It also tracks your weight and water intake... all kinds of stuff. For a long time, I wasn't weighing myself everyday because my weight fluctuates SO much that it can be really demotivating. Then my friend Robyn gave me another perspective. She weighs herself every morning. She says she knows if she doesn't want to, she did something she knows she shouldn't. It's her way of keeping herself accountable to... well... herself. I loved that. I'm not a baby. I can handle a day when I'm inexplicably 3 pounds heavier. Using Myfitness pal, I can watch my little graph over time and at least see that I'm trending down. Here's my graph for this week:

Slowly, that line is gonna go down. 

Somehow, this graph makes it all seem more clinical and less emotional. Another fun side effect of weighing daily is the feeling of pride I get on the mornings I have nothing to fear. Then even when I'm up a little, I know it's not a trend. 

To each their own, but this is my new favorite thing. I can't wait to see my graph a month from now. 


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