Friday, November 29, 2013

10 years free!

Please excuse my brevity here, but I'm typing on my iPhone from bed. I'm too excited to sleep but won't risk waking everybody up by tiptoeing out to the desk for my computer. Hubby and I are heading to Vegas in the morning! Justin Timberlake in LV? Yes please! Yay!

We have so much to celebrate! Hubby's birthday, the Holidays, and my test results. I got my annual results back and I'm once again cancer free. That makes it ten years. I'm finally starting to believe it isn't coming back. It's a great reminder of how special life is and why we need to do all we can to give our mere mortal bodies every best chance at longevity.

After a big thanksgiving feast and planned debauchery in Vegas this weekend, I'm starting a 7 day body blast on Monday. Detox a bit and get back in the right mindset.

Celebrating 10 cancer free years with the family they said I'd never be able to have. Yay!


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