Monday, November 4, 2013


Well, last week was a flop. I'm just being honest. Between pain week and Halloween candy, it was like trying to walk through the Fire Swamp without my Farm Boy. ROUSs at every turn. At first I was like, well I'm in pain but at least I can do my 10 minutes. Then I was like, oh just one piece of candy won't hurt.


One piece of candy totally hurt. I hadn't craved sugar in months because I hadn't been eating it. One piece of candy a couple of days in a row and all of a sudden I was crazy for sugar all over again. I hit that old familiar rut of feeling like I'd blown the day anyway so what's the point of working out... all the negativity came flooding in.

I went from the Fire Swamp to the Swamps of Sadness in an instant.

So, I went 4 days without a workout.

Today, I'm recommitting. Sadie's email today was perfect. I'm done with sugar and ramping up to finish strong with 6 workouts this week. I did the 40 minute online Wisdom workout this morning. An oldie but a goodie. The core work is awesome. I feel better than I have in days.

Like anything, it's all about perspective, right? Even swamps have their moments...


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