Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We're better together.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Sometimes I feel like you only get the shiny versions of people, not the raw version. That's why I created a group just for us. It's called barre3, you & me. It's a support group of sorts. We can share the good shiny things and the not so good things. We can lift each other up when we need a little pepping and find supportive ears (or eyes) when we hit a rough snag. Barre3 for me is an ongoing journey. Sometimes I'm on my best behavior and sometimes I'm not. The ebb and flow of life. 

I've also added subject-matter experts to the group who chime in to answer questions and provide advice along the way: 

Alexis Goldstein L.Ac.C.SMA, MS, Dipl. OM- Chinese Medicine Expert -Acupuncturist. Alexis fields questions on injury/rehab/self-care/musculoskeletal informationhttp://anatomyacupuncture.com/

Jennifer Caliman - Fitness Expert - Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor. Jenn fields questions on anatomy/physiology/injury prevention/ rehab. http://www.intimatepilates.com/about-us/instructors/

Dr Jennifer Karon-Flores, ND - Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Health Expert http://www.kwanyinhealingarts.com/

Amos Prudhon, RD - Food Expert -Dietician and Chef. http://amosprudhon.com/

See you there! 


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